Noah’s Ark Replica Faces Biblical Fines For Return Voyage To Holland!

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Noah’s Ark Replica Faces Biblical Fines For Return Voyage To Holland!

The UK coastguard has “arrested” a 230-foot (70 meter) Noah's Ark replica ship in Ipswich, England. Without the correct paperwork and “anti-fouling pa

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The UK coastguard has “arrested” a 230-foot (70 meter) Noah’s Ark replica ship in Ipswich, England. Without the correct paperwork and “anti-fouling paint” to deem it seaworthy, the $3.6million (3-million-Euro) vessel is going nowhere, fast.

Noah’s Ark was the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative through which God spared Noah, his family, and two of each of the world’s animals from a world-threatening flood.

Now, “Aad Peters Ark” has been impounded by the UK coastguard and cannot sail from England because it does not have the “proper” paperwork. Sounds bizarre doesn’t it? But the story of this enormous floating museum, full of sculptures of biblical characters, that was detained after being towed across North Sea, is in some ways as bizarre as the original story.

The Dutch Noah’s Ark replica view from the stern. (Erik Zachte /  CC BY-SA 4.0 )

The Dutch Noah’s Ark Replica: A Floating Biblical Museum

Every crazy story has a central character, generally with more than a flash of color, and in this case it is Sir Aad Peters, a Dutch TV producer. Sir Peters is “failing” in his quest to return his  Noah’s Ark  replica to the  Netherlands. He has been unable to get a license because the ship lacks the correct paperwork.

While his predecessor, Noah, sailed after banging a few nails into timbers, Aad Peters’s vessel has now been impounded by the UK coastguard and cannot be moved because it does not have the appropriate paperwork and that’s not all.

Mr Peter is the owner of this remarkable and huge  floating museum  that is currently full of sculptures of characters in  Biblical scenes . The bespoke version of the famous Biblical ship was detained after being towed across the North Sea from the Netherlands.

According to a report in the  Daily Mail , Mr Peters negotiations with coastguard officials “have reached a stalemate.” What that means in real terms is that this incredibly expensive vessel has been docked for almost 18 months atIpswich and doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon.

An interior view of Sir Aad Peter’s Dutch Noah’s Ark replica ship. ( Ceinturion /  CC BY-SA 3.0 )

Daily Ark Fines Could Prove Disastrous for Sir Peters

The vessel measures just under half the size of the Biblical ark, which the  good book  says, “measured 300 cubits,” (510 feet; 155 meters). Noah had his own troubles getting to sea before the deluge, but one thing he didn’t have to deal with was complaints from angry land lubbers.

Dockside residents in  Ipswich have publicly “condemned” the replica ship as they have called it “a floating eyesore which blocks out sunlight and spoils the view from local homes,” according to the Daily Mail article.

In the Biblical Book of Genesis the mountains of Ararat is the term used to designate the region in which Noah’s Ark comes to rest after  the Great Flood . The great thing with ancient Ararat, compared with modern Ipswich, is that there were no docking fees.

Mr Peters is estimated to have stacked up port fines “of £500 (709 dollars or 582 Euros) a day since April 1 when a deadline to move it was missed,” according to an article in the  BBC

The Biblical story of Noah’s Ark has a “happy ending” on top of a mountain in Ararat and no paperwork was required. Noah’s Ark replica ship may not be so fortunate. ( JavierArtPhotography / Adobe Stock)

A Biblical Vision Frozen By UK Load Line Certificate!

The British Maritime and Coastguard Agency told the BBC that they cannot release the ark until it has a “load line certificate.” According to  My Sea Time  load line certificates certify that vessels comply with the load line conventions. Load line conventions applies to ships of more than 79 feet (24 meters) in length and stipulate that basic limits be met for the ship’s minimum freeboard for buoyancy, plus a reserve addition to cover extreme circumstances.

All boats in the UK are tested for how low they can safely sink down in the water when fully loaded. This UK sea safety law would apply no matter the cargo of ship, the size of the ship (if over 79 feet; 24 meters), and even if the boat is a Biblical replica filled animal pairs. (Smiley face emoji).

Furthermore, papers are required to demonstrate that the hull has not been treated with “anti-fouling paint,” which contains chemicals  harmful to wildlife . And considering arks, at an essential level, were traditionally built to save wildlife, including us, “anti-fouling paint,” at the very least, really is a must.

Top image: Sir Aad Peter’s Dutch Noah’s Ark replica is shown here docked in the Netherlands, where it was conceived. But now that the Biblical ship has sailed to the UK it may never return until the paperwork is in order and the hefty daily fines are paid.                Source: Ceinturion /  CC BY-SA 3.0

By Ashley Cowie